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Egeref Charity


Egeref was established in July 23/ 2020 and works on man-made and Natural disaster to protect the rights of displaced and vulnerable persons during crisis by providing lifesaving emergency responses on the areas of food security and Livelihoods, Education, shelter, youth’s employment opportunities and mitigation of Migration, Health and water sanitation and hygiene, Child protection and cross cutting gender sensitive inclusive project activities. Egeref works to better protect and empower people affected by natural and manmade crises

Who We Are

Egeref is an indigenous, Non-Governmental, humanitarian organization established in 2020. It is officially registered in July 23, 2020 under the FDRE AGENCY FOR CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS/ACSO/with a registration number of 5003 to work in Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral Region of Oromia and other of Ethiopia



To boost established and organizational development for efficient and effective humanitarian lifesaving delivery, and self-reliant


To scale up programs and projects for most vulnerable and disaster affected individuals, households and communities to prevent and alleviate human sufferings.


To reduce vulnerability through integrated & targeted Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation interventions thus minimize its adverse effects on concerned peoples.

What We Did

In 2021 and 2022, Egeref started working in Bale, East Hararge, and Borena Zones of Oromia Region and urban are on IDPS in Oromia Region those come from Somali Region due to conflict of 2018.

The main focus was to assist the drought-affected people providing food, water and other NFIS. In addition to these Egeref provided Ambulances for community to contribute in enhancing women health and access to health services in remote areas of East Hararge and East Bale zones of Oromia Region. 

Egeref also provided water trucker cars for East Bale to contribute in delivering potable water for those communities affected by drought and conflict. It was also delivered its humanitarian response in Wollaga, Wollo, East Shawa ,Sheger areas and West Arsi Areas

In 2023 Egeref was provided lifesaving emergency response in Borena zone for the community affected by drought. Accordingly it provided food items and water supply by providing deep water digging machine which can perform deep well up to 800metters.

Our Team

Egeref Charity Team